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Why ‘Girl, Wash Your Face’ Was One Of The Worst Books I’ve Ever Read

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Lately, I can’t log into Facebook or Instagram without being inundated with a Girl, Wash Your Face quote or some #bossbabe talking about how Rachel Hollis changed their life.

Girl, stop reading this CRAP. This book was nothing but an ode to privileged upper middle class women who are bored with life, and I am here to tell you that WE ARE SO MUCH MORE THAN THAT.

Girl, Wash Your Face’ Is One Of The Worst Self Help Books I’ve Ever Read

Rachel Hollis, the author, is founder of the lifestyle website thechicsite.com. The “christian book” is all about how she is fearlessly revealing the messiness of her life to stop believing the lies which left her feeling overwhelmed through her passion and hustle. She’s uses her “wisdom and online popularity” to make you feel bad about who you were in high school or about how you should be losing weight.

Hollis spent an entire chapter of Girl, Wash Your Face talking about how she gave up diet coke. She went on and on about how diet coke was controlling her life and it was all she could think about every day.

girl wash your face

She decided she had to give it up because she like, really needed to let go of how she couldn’t stop thinking about diet coke.

Girl, stop reading this CRAP.

Are you kidding me with this? If your life is so uncomplicated and easy that the biggest problem you have is worrying about the fact that you look forward to your Diet Coke every day, then you are NOT QUALIFIED to be giving others advice.

You just aren’t.

In fact, the fact that there’s a book out there with full of uppity advice like the diet coke conundrum is a slap in the face to people with real problems. She’s so damn joy filled and exuberant about how she can live with passion, and she just loves sharing tips about her readers break free from their mundane lives, because, Girl, wash your face stop apologizing!

When people who deal with things like kids who need surgery, divorce, extreme poverty, loss, and so so much more they don’t need advice about how to give up a diet coke that is consuming their life. They don’t need to be told to WASH THEIR FACE and move on.

Do you really need to be told that? Does anyone really need to be told by a woman in a fitted flannel and (ironic) Converse to put on their big girl panties?

No. Nobody needs to read a book like this.

To all those mompreneuer book club types out there, that are a big fan of this book, just STOP. Stop talking about this book. You can be better without this.

This book shouldn’t even exist. The fact that it’s spent weeks on the best seller list– the fact that so many women are using it as their #bible is a damn travesty.

I am here to say that we don’t need to wash our faces when faced with real tragedy. We don’t need to be told to just suck it up. We need to know how to cope. We need friends and love in a time of need, not a book about like super serious problems that aren’t actually problems in the first place.

They don’t need to be told to WASH THEIR FACE and move on.

So, if you’re over this whole movement. This whole “privileged people have problems too,” and just ready to pull your hair out, then do yourself a favor– skip this book.

Girl Wash Your Face

Skip this ridiculousness, and please don’t use it as a life guide. Find something else to inspire you.

Hell inspire yourself. That’s what I am going to do.

Oh, and I am going to do it while sipping on a diet coke.

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  1. The last sentence of this article is pure gold. Currently sipping on a Diet Coke now in boycott of this obomination

  2. I did not like this book, or Rachel Hollis’ viewpoint on things. It is self-centered, boastful, unGodly. My former boss insisted that our whole leadership team read many of Mrs. Hollis’ books. She, the boss, thought that Rachel was God ‘s gift to the working woman.

    I couldn’t stomach this soul-less deceit. Anyone who puts themselves before other family members is not a true servant of God.

    In God’s kingdom, the way up is down.

  3. I completely agree! The whole book was so tone-deaf. She gives no self-love advice other than “pick yourself up by your bootstraps and you’ll be in control of everything” and pretends that that’s the key to every single situation, which, sure, maybe that’s all you need, but that’s not realistic. You’re not in control of everything, and you never will be – and she comes across super-judgy of people who aren’t already at the top of their controlling bootstraps. I felt bad for her hypothetical friend Pam.

    The Christian tones are awkwardly placed, too. I’m Christian, but I didn’t realize this was a Christian book when I picked it up on Audible.

  4. I totally agree with you. Girl, wash your face is the only book that I’ve read which actually feels like an interaction and not just a bunch of advice thrown at me on random like most of the other self help books out there. I agree that you’re entitled to your own opinion but again I’d like to point out that Rachel was 19 or so at the time of the Diet coke incident. My point being, Rachel’s trying to connect to a wider audience like teens or even younger kids. I agree that there are bigger problems out there, but I think a re read is due for you, if that’s all you could take from such a great book like that.

  5. You are spot on! I love this book. Who ever wrote this review is throwing a pitty party.. struggles are different, but they are still struggles

  6. So what books do you recommend? Not everyone is facing life situations as stressful as death or illness, but some are facing lose in themselves and may not know why. If you read and think, you can then conclude that this particular book may not be for everyone, but could possibly reach those struggling through life without a clear understanding of the struggle. .
    If your writing a negative review, how about supporting your opinion with alternative books to read .

    1. I recommend a LOT of books here on the blog. This is one of probably thousands of book reviews.

  7. Girl, get a life! Rachel Hollis is inspiring women with her voice! What are you doing with yours? You are trying to knock down an inspiring woman! You are everything Rachel isn’t!

    1. Thank you! I couldn’t have asked for a better compliment honestly. I hate how disrespectful she is to women.

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