90’s Kids Are Freaking Out Over The New Pokemon Live Action Movie

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If you were born in the 90’s chances are, you played Pokemon.

I remember card battling at my local church was I was 10. And to this day, my husband still has a rare, original holographic Charizard Card.

So, we can’t help but freak out with excitement over the New Pokemon Live Action Movie.

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The new movie is called, Detective Pikachu and guess what? Ryan Reynolds whom you may know as Deadpool, voices Pikachu.

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At first, we totally thought Pikachu looked strange (and he still sort of does being that he is supposed to be real)

but after seeing the new trailer, and seeing more of our favorite characters, we are totally excited! Plus, Pikachu is totally adorable.

Some of the characters shown in the trailer include:


Mr. Mime


and yes, even Mewtwo makes an appearance for battle.

Check out the trailer below and make sure you take May 10th off of work to go see the new movie in theaters, we know we are!

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