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Your Child Is Not An Accessory!

I am going to go out on a limb here and say that if you are reading this, you know someone that treats their child like an accessory. Even if you don’t, let me explain…


Your Child Is Not An Accessory!

Woah, that felt good. Okay, that wasn’t really an explanation more of a statement but a very true one. So let me paint a picture for you. You know that parent that seems to love their child but not enough to I dunno, be around them? Not enough to not allow more than 1 day go by without seeing them even if they have the chance to? The parent that treats their child like they are last month’s issue of Vogue… That’s a parent I never want to (and never will) be. Nor do I want to be around them.Your Child Is Not An Accessory!3

As a mom who has suffered through the heartbreak of a miscarriage, having a hard time getting pregnant, and an even a harder time staying pregnant (my boys were both born early) it angers me when parents act like their kids are some thing they can pick up one day and forget about the next.

People: when you have sex it’s ALMOST ALWAYS a possibility you could have a child. Whether you planned for that child or not, you have a responsibility to them and yourself. Children look up to us. They become like the people they are around. So if you aren’t around your children, in a few years you’ll be living with strangers.

They aren’t an accessory you can wear one day, decide it cramps your style, and then move on.

Sorry, kiddo, doesn’t work like that.

Now, I’m not preaching to divorced parents, or working parents, or parents who just need a little break. You all are good. There are probably a billion circumstances that prevent some parents from being with their kids. And for you all who are trying, but for whatever reason can’t be with your kids, you should be just as angry as I am.

Now, I do realize some people would judge me, too, since I can hardly go an hour without being around my boys. I get that. I’m a bit obsessed with watching them grow. I mean, one of my sons is practically a replica of his father, while the other is a total me. Yeah, I’m obsessed. That’s a freakin’ cool thing to see!

What it comes down to is there are people out there who would give their everything just to have a child to love, nurture, and hold. When you choose not to love, nurture, or be around your kids, you are taking for granted a tremendous gift that others may never have a chance to experience.

So, please. Think about it before you strap yourself into parenthood. It’s a lifetime commitment, and if you can’t make it – you shouldn’t have kids.

kids aren't accessories to be ignored

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