Jamie Does NOT Love Chachi

So, it’s day two of My Twitter V Scott Baio. If you’re just tuning in, you should start here.

Let me just say this: Scott Baio is quite upset that I shared his personal DM.

 Jamie Does NOT Love Chachi

I respect that. It’s rude to share things said to you in private. At first I felt a little bad about this, and then I remembered that Scott Baio told me he was VERY VERY rich…

 Jamie Does NOT Love Chachi

To which I say:

Hey Scott! Why don’t you prove just how rich you are! I’ve been eyeing those Macbook Airs lately. Why don’t you click that little donate button right there and PROVE how rich you are?  You know you want to…

Scott Baio got very upset about having a donate button here. So, I deleted it. Wow, Scott Baio–learn 2 take a joke?

Also, I just figured celebrity trumped privacy. Oh–and I didn’t think you guys would believe me if I just told you about it. So, I screenshotted it. Scott Baio, that’s your first lesson right there. Nothing you do on the internet is private. Remember that.

So,  he blocked me.

 Jamie Does NOT Love Chachi

That’s totally his twitter stream, but um–he’s kind of new to twitter so he probably doesn’t realize that I can still read his tweets. Dude, Scott Baio–I can still see you talking about me. Oh, and he DM’d me again too…

 Jamie Does NOT Love Chachi

Hey, Scott Baio–for the record I don’t care if your conservative, liberal, or purple with green polka dots. Seriously, I think it takes all types of political beliefs to make America the great place it is to live. But I do have a problem with your general douchebaggery, and more importantly you rubbing your money in my face. That’s not really the way someone should treat a fan.

Oh, and Scott Baio asked me to blog about this:

 Jamie Does NOT Love Chachi

Scott Baio, I think that’s great. But, um since you’re so VERY VERY rich… how’s about you help their moms and dads out too. I bet they’re cold as well, and they have a tough job raising special needs kids.

And then, this happened


  1. harrison says

    I just looked him up on celbritynetworth.com – only 3.5 million. He’s poor compared to most celebrities. I would say he is comfortable, not rich. And not “VERY VERY RICH” by a long shot.

    Even Steve-O has 2.5 million to his name!

  2. John says

    I’ve been tweeting links to your page, & while I’m not as big as Scott, The Earl of Douchy, I’ve got a bit over 1000 people with me in their timelines, on at least 3 continents. Hope your pages attract some attention, & I hope some of my tweeps RT my stuff so the whole of the US, the UK, & Australia will know what a total assclown this way-gone has-been is!

  3. Jessica says

    I totally want a t-shirt by the way. I will wear it proudly :-) Posted links to your blogs on my FB page and got quite a few responses from people blown away by his douchebaggery :-)

  4. whyinthehell says

    Something about this has been nagging at me…. He DM’d you to rub his money in your face and basically tell you he didn’t need Gwen’s movie because he’s so rich he doesn’t really have to work. I don’t know about anyone else, but I think that’s very *not* nice.

    But this is what he tweeted the next morning after you’d blogged about the incident, complaining as though you’d turned on him after he did a good deed:

    “…then I DM them in private them to be a good guy.”

    Apparently he thinks he was being a “good guy” to privately diss you & Gwen.

    And guess what? The only reason he has a dime of his precious money is because of a whole lot of us non-VERY VERY RICH folks who watched his TV shows and some movies when he was a kid.

    So…he owes some gratitude for that money. But he’ll never see that because he thinks he’s entitled to everything…the things which we all allowed him to have in the first place, and continue to with the residuals checks he receives.

    I *SO* hate him now, even more than I did earlier today. I will never participate in anything he does that has advertisers and profits him.

    I’m donating $5 to your Macbook Air fund, lol….

  5. whyinthehell says

    Amen to that, Cynthia! Looking down the road, I can only see this as not being helpful to all of the reasonable Republicans in this country.

  6. Cynthia says

    Standing up for your political idealism is a great thing. Disagreeing with policy and stating that is fine too. Attacking a person obscenely is not cool, its not classy and its certainly not an ‘intelligent’ debate. I hope when Scott goes to Mass today, he visits the confessional…and gets real with the values he says he lives by. Right now as a value driven God fearing family man, he pales by comparison to President Obama and is an embarrassment to fellow RCs.

  7. Jessica says

    I am just so floored by this! What a nasty person! All the charity work in the world won’t make up for the fact that he’s obviously arrogant, rude, and has an overinflated sense of self-worth. I cannot believe that he has turned this into this personal battle. He didn’t DM you to be “a good guy”; he did it so he could be a douchebag without other people seeing it! SO bizarre, and I totally agree that, while you are the bomb, WTF is with him going wacko about your comments??!! I’m LMAO!!

  8. Wylie says

    He claims to be so conservative (family values, right??) but Follows Hugh Hefner, a handful of playboy bunnies and some other skanky Hollywood gals (young enough to be his daughters!).
    There’re some conservative values there, uh huh!
    Does Joanie know?? LOL

  9. Claena says


    God, what level of immaturity does it take to DM people with how rich you are as a come back.

    No offense to you, but W the F does he care what you think or say about what he thinks or says?

    The saddest part? What he said about Obama is the least douchebaggy thing he said throughout this whole adventure, and I actually LIKE Obama.

    I suppose that makes me a “Lib.” Whatever the hell that means in SB’s little world. Evidently, anyone who doesn’t Yes-Man Scott Baio is a liberal.


    Serious hilarity, girl.

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