You Can Get A 10 Foot Inflatable Pumpkin Grim Reaper To Put in Your Yard for Halloween

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Halloween is just around the corner and if you’re looking for the perfect spooky addition to your yard, look no further!

You can now get a GIANT 10 Foot Inflatable Pumpkin Grim Reaper to put in your yard for Halloween.

Standing 10 feet tall and a little over 4 feet wide, this inflatable grim reaper will bring all the spooky vibes to the neighborhood.

In addition to it’s larger than life appearance, it also glows with blue flames and when someone gets close, it will make a horrible scream and startle your guests unexpectedly.

The head of the inflatable has a built-in blue rotating RGB LED light, and the four bright light beads are arranged neatly under the head, which can not only illuminate your garden in the dark night, add the atmosphere of Halloween, but also make the grim reaper look more dazzling Cool and mysterious.

Mine just arrived and I cannot wait to get it in my yard for Halloween. I am sure our neighbors and trick-or-treaters are going to love it!

You can grab your own 10 Foot Inflatable Pumpkin Grim Reaper on Amazon for $66.99 here. You can also use the discount code 8FRIZNCM for 10% off.

While you’re there, make sure you check out the other offerings including the 7.5FT Inflatable Killer and 8.9FT Inflatable Sit Grim Reaper.

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