People Are Burying Fake Skeletons in The Ground To Decorate For Halloween

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Six foot skeletons seem to be the popular aesthetic when it comes to the Halloween holiday. 

Hanging them on car antennas or simply placing the bone heads in the front of the house, individuals have found a new way to spook the neighbors with skeleton decor. 

Courtesy of @lyndsayjade

Thanks to a page on Facebook called “Halloween Decorations”, Facebook user @Dawn Goodman shared a creative idea with a few photos of how to use skeletons to decorate for Halloween outside of his home. 

Courtesy of @Dawn Goodman

With nearly 27 thousand shares and over 200 thousand likes, this social media user decided to bury a skeleton in a giant hole that the city left in front of his home! 

Courtesy of @Dawn Goodman

Not only does this look like it will get the city’s attention, but it might even catch a turning heads from the neighbors across the street. 

Courtesy of @Dawn Goodman

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