People Are Carving Pumpkins to Fit Over Their Heads For The Ultimate Jack-O’-Lantern Photoshoot

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Last year’s Halloween trend was wearing a white sheet with cut out eyes while taking a collage of photos dressed up as ghosts. 

This year’s Halloween photoshoot is carving big enough pumpkins to put over your head dubbed the pumpkin challenge! 

Courtesy of @casshedrick

Individuals on TikTok are carving pumpkins and making jack-o-lanterns that have more than just the one job of greeting trick-or-treaters. 

Courtesy of @casshedrick

TikTokers are carving cunning smiles, goofy eyeballs and twisted eyebrows on hallowed out pumpkins and taking photos in front of eerie towns, foggy areas and gas stations for a collection of bone-chilling photos. 

Courtesy of @casshedrick

The trend is simple; simply carve out the desired face on your pumpkin, clean out the guts, (save the seeds for later to roast), and carefully slide the pumpkin over your head and pose!

Courtesy of @casshedrick

The results are simply, gourdgeous!

Courtesy of @casshedrick

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