17 Annoying Times Strangers Tried To Parent Someone Else’s Kids

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When it comes to children, some people love to give parents (experienced and new) their own advice on how to better raise the children, regardless if they themselves have any children of their own. Watching someone else try to parent your own kid while you’re doing the best your best job can be very infuriating, especially at times when their advice is just terrible. Stand back and let the parents do their job and everybody’s day will roll along much smoother.

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Some people always think they know best.

People love to give their advice as quick as possible.

Grandmothers always want to be up in everybody’s business.


We should be empowering people, not belittling them.

Stay back!

This could get messy.

Move over, grandma!

This has been a public service announcement.

People can be so quick to judge.

Focus on your own life and they will focus on theirs.

This probably isn’t the best way to deliver great advice.

Just let the parents do their job.

This isn’t his first rodeo.

Seeking experienced professionals only.

Check and mate.

Accomplishing the goals you set for yourself is the biggest lesson you could teach your kids.

Parents know what makes their children happy.

Some people have no chill.


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  1. amen to your raising your children your way.