I Deleted A Bunch Of People Off My Social Media, And It’s Awesome

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Last week, one of my random “friends” on Facebook that I haven’t actually seen since high school posted something crazy political and polarizing.

I was disgusted! So I did what any social justice warrior worth her salt would do, I launched into a diatribe about just how wrong they were, how ridiculous and uneducated they sounded, and each reason why their post made absolutely no sense.

I went to hit send send, but I deleted my five paragraph long soliloquy and did something else, instead.

I clicked over to their profile, and unfriended instead.

I mean, look this isn’t my grandma we are talking about. This is someone that happened to be put in the same classroom as me in grade school, so at some point we’d decided we needed to friend up on Facebook.

Here’s What Happens When You Delete Friends

Losing this person’s posts has absolutely zero negative effect on me. In fact, it has a positive one. I will never again have to see their politics. I will never again get all riled up.

So, I went on a bender, I started deleting. And now, any time someone posts something that I don’t agree with, I say to myself, “Am I actually friends with this person, is it worth it to see their posts?”

If the answer is no. Then they’re gone.

I think I owe Marie Kondo a solid. While all the rest of my friends are cleaning out their closets and tossing out all their old tupperware, I am tossing out “friends” that were never actually my friends in the first place.

One of the most important things we can do for ourselves is to cut off toxic people. This is a real life thing we are totally willing to do, but for some reason, when it comes to our social media accounts, we leave them there.

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Oh, and so we are clear, just because you get rid of someone as your friend on Facebook, that doesn’t mean you aren’t real life friends.

You don’t HAVE to be connected via social media and know each other’s every thought and opinion in order to enjoy wine night every other Tuesday.

But if you don’t really want to upset them, there’s always that “unfollow” button. It works pretty well, too.

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