Netflix Just Announced ‘Dead To Me’ Season 2 and I’m Dying In Excitement

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It seems like all everyone has been talking about lately is Netflix’s newest hit – Dead To Me and honestly, if you haven’t seen it, go watch it now!

Netflix Just Announced Dead To Me Season 2

Okay, hopefully you’ve been caught up to speed and binged watched the first season because Netflix just announced Dead To Me Season 2 is coming and I cannot take the excitement!

The news just broke on the Netflix Facebook page with the caption:

Netflix Just Announced Dead To Me Season 2

Great news: Dead to Me Netflix has been renewed for Season 2!

And that’s great news but I want more now! How long do we have to wait?!

Netflix Just Announced Dead To Me Season 2

People are excited but also nervous that Netflix will hook them then pull the plug like they did with Santa Clarita Diet (we need a petition to bring it back).

Netflix Just Announced Dead To Me Season 2

Netflix! Stop taking all our favorite shows away!!!

I’m hoping the second season is as good as the first!!

While we don’t have an official release date or any true details yet, I’m sure we will hear more from Netflix soon.

Are you as excited as I am?!

This is me right now…

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  1. I love this show, it’s my favorite, bad ass bitches, I just love it!!! I can’t wait for season two to come out .

  2. Hell!!! YES!!!! Santa Clarita Diet Has to come back!! Finally my brother in law the retired eye surgeon ?‍⚕️ fell in love with it!! He’s got a dry sense of humor but I Loved listening to him laughing at that show!! Lol!! When I told my sister you’ve Got to watch this show Dave will love it!! Yep!! He loved it!! I can’t WAIT TO SEE SEASON 2 OF “DEAD TO ME!!!” I was so into that show!!

  3. Love the humor in this show! Such amazing content! By far one of my favorite shows! Hope they make a good bit of seasons!

  4. News to me that Santa Clarita Diet is not coming back for a 4th season. Love that show!!!

  5. Omg I love this show. I binged watched and saw Season 1 in a day. Can’t wait for Season 2. I Love Christina Applegate in this show.

  6. LOVED it … and it wasn’t too ” chick-flicky ” for my hubby either !! He loves to try and predict how these things are gonna end – but even he was caught off surprise ! lol

  7. Bring back “Friends from College”
    And yay “Dead to Me” is awesome!

  8. So Santa Clarita is not coming back?☹️
    And I love dead to me. Pleeeeeze bring it back!

  9. wait, they pulled santa clarita diet??????!!!!!!! Bring that one back!