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What / If Is Netflix’s Newest Series And Renée Zellweger’s Best Performance Since Bridget Jones

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I’ve been a Renee Zellweger fan since Empire Records, so when I saw she was starring in Netflix’s newest series, What / If, I had to watch.

And I am so glad I did.

Basically it’s one of those shows you start watching because it’s on Netflix and has all your faves, but then you realize that you can’t stop watching.

It’s sort of a story within a story kind of show. Or some would even argue a story within a story within a story. Either way, before you know it, you’re completely hooked.

The weird thing is, you won’t understand why you’re hooked at first. Because what seems like the main plot line isn’t really worth watching in and of its own, but every second Zellweger graces the screen is mesmerizing.

She’s sort of on a revenge at all costs sort of mission, and you somehow really really want her to get her revenge, even though she is completely unlikable and practically evil.

You will recognize Jane Levy and maybe Blake Jenner when you watch it, but you won’t care. They aren’t interesting enough to matter, you’re just using them to get to the next Zellweger part.

If you haven’t watched this, definitely give it a shot.

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