Kourtney Kardashian Is Pregnant and Told Travis Barker During A Blink 182 Concert

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Ahhh baby news is in the air!!

After years of trying, Kourtney Kardashian is expecting her first child with husband, Travis Barker.

Now, if you follow The Kardashian’s, you know that Kourtney has struggled with getting pregnant and she has been very open about her IVF journey.

Kourtney has expressed to fans many times that she wants to expand her blended family and wants a baby with Travis.

Looks like, that dream has become a reality!

The best part? The news was shared at a Blink 182 concert tonight.


Kourtney revealed the news to Travis as he performed on stage at his concert by holding up a sign that read: ‘Travis, I’m Pregnant.’

In case you didn’t know, the way she announced it, is a nod to Blink 182’s iconic All The Small Things music video, in which a similar sign appears.

And the now viral video has circulated across social media.

In the video, you see Travis get off stage (after asking for assistance from his security team) so he can meet up with Kourtney in the crowd to hug and kiss her after the news.


Kourtney then confirmed the news by posting the video on her own Instagram account.

I will say, I am shocked he didn’t already know because she already looks like she has a pregnant belly?

People are speculating this is just how she wanted to announce it to the world after waiting long enough to ensure she made it far into her pregnancy.


Either way, congrats to these two on their soon to be bundle of joy!

You can watch the video from her announcement at the concert below.

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