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This Mesh Sun Shade Keeps The Sun And Bugs Out Of Your Car When Your Windows Are Down And I Need One Now

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There is a sun shade for your car that actually goes OVER the window, keeping not only the sun at bay, but keeping those pesky mosquitos out!


I love riding in the car with my windows down on a nice warm day — but it’s usually nearly impossible.


We have those suction-cup, stick on sun shades that make it next to impossible to roll the window down.


If we manage to finagle the shades off the window, and get the window rolled down, we have to deal with bugs — like those summer mosquitos that love to feed on the pale flesh of my children.

We also have to worry about our dog — she likes to jump right out of those open car windows. LOL!!

That is why this sun shade is so perfect!!

It is a mesh covering that goes over your window, letting you actually roll down the window, and acting as a buffer for those bugs that should always remain OUTSIDE!!


The Uarter Universal Car Rear Side Window Shade also helps block out those damaging UV rays — We LOVE the sun, but not when it’s damaging our health, right?

This shade is SUPER easy to install — you just want to make sure you measure your window, and order the correct size for your vehicle.


It’s made of an elastic material that fits right over the window — you don’t have to deal with those sucker cups or any type of sticky adhesive.

You are almost guaranteed to get a nice fit, as it is made for so many different types of vehicles.


Large sedan with (curved) windows, Small hatch/sedan with curved/rectangular windows, MPV with rectangular windows, Hatchback with rectangular windows, Small SUV/crossover with curved/rectangular windows, Large SUV/crossover with curved/rectangular windows.


Bottom line is: You need this car sun shade — especially if you have kids or pets that ride in the car!!


You can find this Uarter Universal Car Rear Side Window Sun Shade on the Amazon website, and they are only $14 for TWO.

With over 5,400 reviews, this shade gets a 4.1 out of 5 rating — just check out some of these stellar Amazon Reviews.

These are perfect. I have a fiat 500l fits window snug, like a skinny jean! Work great to have windows down but not have things flying out. Also purchased for my Dad who has skin cancer from sun exposure. He can now have his window down, feel the breeze and not worry as much! Fantastic.

midori on Amazon Reviews

Fits great! Works so well and my 2yr old has yanked and pulled on it and no tears or runs in the fabric

Sniffs on Amazon Reviews

Overall we like this much better than the smaller squares that suction to the window. We live in an area where summer days are over 100 degrees and we have weeks with 110-120 heat, so we need things to withstand lots of heat and sun! So far, these have done the trick. We used the smaller suction cup ones last summer and they did not last. I like that these go over the entire window so it keeps the sun from coming in around the edges. It does keep our car cooler in the backseat with the extra shade, which is super important having kiddos. Even keeping things 10 degrees cooler makes a difference! They’re super easy to install and put on. Only took a couple minutes. Plus, we haven’t had them shift around or ride up. We put them on and they stay in place.

GRH on Amazon Reviews

You are going to love them so much — but if there’s a problem, Amazon offers FREE returns!!


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