Dunkin’ Is Releasing A Birthday Cake Doughnut And Is Bringing Back The Pineapple Coolatta

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Summer time is here and now so is the Pineapple Coolatta at Dunkin’! (ps, am I the only one who JUST realized they removed the doughnut part from their name?!?).

Back with the old AND in the with new this season. Not only is the fan favorite drink coming back, but a Birthday Cake Doughnut is joining us this summer too!


Dunkin’ just released a new Celebration Doughnut just in time to celebrate National Doughnut Day!

The Celebration Doughnut consists of birthday cake mix (with rainbow sprinkles in the mix!) white icing, topped with pink and orange sprinkles and yellow stars.


And as for the Pineapple Coolatta, it has always been a fan favorite. So it’s so great to see it return! (Move over Taco Bell with your Pineapple Freezes…this is the real jam!).


The Pineapple Coolatta first came out in 2018 and has been a hit ever since. It returned again last Spring due to its popularity for a limited time. And now it’s back again! (cue happy dance!)


Now, we aren’t saying that these two items are a great pair. I always prefer to have my doughnuts with coffee. I don’t think it would be quite the same to drink a fruity drink along with a doughnut. But to see the old and new together in excitement just makes me happy!


And if you missed National Doughnut day like I did, don’t worry. The Celebration Doughnut will still be around for awhile! But it is, as most, a limited time offer.


There isn’t word yet on when the Celebration Doughnut or the Pineapple Coolatta will be leaving us, so to be safe, run to your nearest Dunkin’ as soon as you can to get your hands on one!


So which of these are you most excited to try? The oldie but a goodie Pineapple Coolatta, or the new and confetti filled Celebration Doughnut? Or maybe you have your own favorite that you aren’t will to sway from!


And if you do decide to try one of the two limited time items, let us know what you think in the comments below!


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