Find friends that protect your peace

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You all know I recently went through a bestie breakup and it sort of rocked my world. 

The worst part of that is the falling out of the other friends around the breakup. 

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In this case, she’d been in town years longer than I have, so I just disappeared and let anyone who wanted to contact or reach out to me do so. 

I am also someone who just isn’t going to try and compete, I hate that feeling, so I won’t do it. 

But that means our mutual friends, the ones that wanted to keep a friendship with me have made a point to reach out and hang and stuff. 

The problem is, I live across the street from where my ex-bestie works. 

Yeah, yeah… I know. Some sort of analogy about pooping and eating and all that. 

But anyway, this friend and I were wanting to go on a walk, and the direction would take us right in front of her building. 

I diverted us, explained the predicament, and we were off on our walk. 

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It was one of those kind of walks where you lose track of time wandering around town just talking about all the things good and bad. 

One of those walks where you sort of lose yourself to the wall and don’t even really pay attention to where you’re going. 

Okay, enough about the walk… 

Here’s where the good-friending from my peace-protector comes in. 

When we were walking back home, I was no longer paying attention to surroundings. I was paying attention to them.

You see, this is a walk I take several times a day and it just didn’t dawn on me to be aware of where we were walking again. 

And, now, this was a friend that could have easily stirred the pot simply by walking in front of her job with me. This is a friend who could have gotten a huge ego boost. 

But they grabbed my arm pulled me, and we kept walking right around the building and I didn’t even realized what had happened. 

I looked around, “Oh god we almost walked in front of—“


“—and you just moved me and I didn’t even notice and I just got to stay happy this whole time?” 

No response of course. Just a smile. 

My friend understood that I didn’t want to create extra drama. I wasn’t trying to hurt anyone. I just wanted to have friends. 

They protected my peace. It was such a simple act of kindness and friendship that meant so much, and now I know what I need in my life. 

More protectors of my peace. Guardians of the good. 

Who’s with me?

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