This 2-Finger Waving Hand Attaches to Your Car’s Dashboard So You Never Miss Another Wave Again

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We all know that the courtesy ‘thank you’ on the road is a wave; and whether or not you thank other drivers by throwing up a peace sign or with a slight wave, it’s inevitable that sometimes we forget to say thank you!

Forgetting to wave to a fellow driver can often seem rude, especially when another individual in their car lets you merge ahead of them on the highway or lets you get in front in a traffic line.

So while we may forget to say thank you on the road when we’re drinking coffee on the way to work or too busy looking at the GPS, there’s now a 3D, two finger hand figure that mounts to the inside of your car so that deed is always taken care of!

Dubbed the Waving Hand Dashboard created by Ivankahl 3D, you choose between a right or left hand depending on which hand you usually use when waving thank you to others.

Attach to your car’s dashboard with velcro or adhesive strips, and you’ll never have to worry about forgetting to wave to another driver again.

Available to download as a 3D printer file, you can create your own mold using a 3D printer!

Plus, the extra set of hands can be purchased for less than five bucks!

You can download the 3D printer file here, to sculpt your own two finger waving hand to save the mistake you might make in the future when you forget to wave to the driver that was courtesy to you!

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