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25 {Totally Cute} Hedgehog Crafts

I was informed recently that perhaps not every kiddo is as enthusiastic about Snakey-Type Crafts as I thought. And with the changing of the seasons, it’s time to find a more cute and cuddly (if prikcly) animal to perhaps make a few crafts about. So, here’s the ultimate list of 25 {totally cute} Hedgehog Crafts.

crazy cute hedgehog crafts for kids

I love the prickly-funness of your typical hedgehog, but there’s no way we can have one of theses adorable critters running around our house. However, there’s no way I’d say no to making a few of these cute Hedgehog Crafts with my kiddos!

  • Reminiscent of my early-years in school (say, Pre-K?), here’s a Paper Plate Hedgehog!
  • I think I may have graduated to making this Pinecone Hedgie, though.
  • For my under-5’er, this Fork Hedgehog might be perfect!
  • I think making several of these Hedgehog Ornaments for my son’s teachers might be kinda awesome.
  • I’m always looking for some fun idea to make with dough-like this Salt Dough Hedgehog!
  • Never before have I realized what cuteness could come from a pom-pom…now I know: a Pom Pom Hedgehog.
  • Just in case the first one wasn’t enough, here’s Another Paper Plate Hedgie.
  • Pencil Holder as a hedgehog-how inventive!
  • Hedgie Valentines cards are a much more creative way to say “I Love You” than a plain card!
  • If I had a few of these Clothespin Hedgehogs, I’d never need to pin-clothes again…

25 cute hedgehog crafts

  • Hedgehog Cookies seem like the perfect, cute treat for any fall-afternoon.
  • Or, if a morning snack is what I need, I might make these Hedgehog Donutholes.
  • Though I don’t use toothpicks much (ouch!), I always have room for a Toothpick Hedgie!
  • For a more serious hedgehog-look, I might make this Fall Hedgehog Wreath to put on my door.
  • An even more serious person might try to look smart by making this Book Hedgehog! LOL!
  • For the holidays, a cute Hedgie Table Centerpiece might be very nice.
  • If only I had twigs to make this Clay and Twig Hedgie! Just kidding! I have a tree!
  • This Hedgehog Ring-Toss Game seem like a fun craft and game in one!
  • For lunch, maybe a little Hedgehog Sandwich would be fun in my son’s lunchbox.
  • This Simple 3D Hedgehog is a fun-looking project to make with a little older kiddo!
  • Clay and Spaghetti Hedgie sounds like lots of fun for the kids to make while I cook on spaghetti-night.
  • Good for early mornings, I think this Coffee Bean Hedgie would be a great gift for Father’s Day…
  • Now that Halloween is over, we could make a Pumpkin Seed Hedgehog.
  • Hand- and Foot-Print Hedgie is a great way for me and the kids to play with finger paints.
  • For my littlest, I think we’ll definitely make (and play with) a Fine-Motor Skills Hedgehog!

These all seem like so much fun…maybe we’ll just do 25 days of hedgehog crafts for the next month!

crazy cute hedgehog crafts for kids