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30 Cotton Candy Party Ideas

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Why plan a plain party when you can have a Cotton Candy Party? Cotton candy is the sweet treat that reminds us of childhood, that brings us back to trips to the fair, carnivals at school, walks down the boardwalk…that reminds us that life is a little sweeter when you can share it with others. Happy Planning!

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Want to bring on the cotton candy fun from the moment your guests walk in the door? These cotton candy wax melts will give your room a sweet, cotton candy smell.

Decorate your backyard with cotton candy lights to give your party a festive, sweet glow.

Your friends will be super surprised when they receive these fun pop-out cotton candy invitations.

Give your table a cotton candy make-over with this cotton candy table topper.

Want to be a bit more subtle? These cotton candy bouquets are beautiful, sweet, and will blend in with your decor perfectly.


Kids love cotton candy. If you’re planning a cotton candy party for kids, you should definitely let them try this puff paint cotton candy craft.

Cotton candy playdough smells sweet and is an absolute blast to play with. Bonus: it makes a great to-go gift for the kids!

Have fun outside with this cotton candy paint made with glitter, shaving cream, and of course – sweet cotton candy scent!

Want more sensory play? Try cotton candy scented rice. The kids will love digging their hands into bowls of fun.

If you prefer fluffy to squishy, cotton candy cloud dough is another fun activity for kiddo’s, but without the sometimes stickiness that comes from playdough.

Party Favors:

It’s always nice to send guests home with something sweet. This cotton candy ornament is the perfect gift for telling your friends, “Thanks for coming!”

Cotton candy sugar scrub is an especially sweet favor if you’re cotton candy party also has a spa element.

Or why not try making cotton candy bath bombs? Make them during a slumber party and send them home with the kids for bath time fun

For older guests, this cotton candy body lotion will remind them of your party every time they moisturize. Truly a sweet favor, indeed!

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Nothing says party like amazing food, and there are so many amazing cotton candy foods to choose from! These cotton candy mini cheesecakes are delicious and bite-sized fun perfect for your party.

Want a treat that can double as decorations? Try making this cotton candy on rock candy. It’s double the sugary goodness.

Delicious cotton candy fudge is a must-have for any cotton candy party. Don’t forget the milk!

Glitz up your cotton candy experience by offering cotton candy with sprinkles.

This cotton candy fruit fluff has all the sweetness of cotton candy, and works great for a buffet.

Slumber parties are made for cotton candy popcorn.

Gather up your animal crackers and parade them through this delicious, sweet cotton candy dip.

Cotton candy in a jar is perfect for any cotton candy party. It can be a decoration, a favor, and a sweet treat.

These cotton candy topped cupcakes are better than any birthday cake because they look adorable just as they are – no cutting required.

Want something that can be both cookie and candy? These cotton candy meringues are melt-in-your-mouth delicious and super easy to make.

Want to give your guests a taste of homemade? Try this recipe for cotton candy ice cream – perfect for those outside summer parties!

Cotton candy creme melts are a must-have at any cotton candy party. Plus, your guests will be extremely impressed with your culinary skills.


When you plan your perfect party, don’t forget about the drinks! This cotton candy lemonade is all the goodness of homemade lemonade with a sweet cotton candy twist.

Prefer a hot drink? Try cotton candy hot chocolate and leave your guests feeling like they’re holding a hug.

Bigger parties need bigger drink options. This cotton candy punch is fun, easy to make, and super fun for any cotton candy party.

Want a drink with a little more zip? Try this cotton candy fizz. It’ll tickle their noses, and leave a smile on everyone’s face.

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Hope you enjoyed these Cotton Candy Party ideas! Cotton candy is a sweet, easy theme and your guests will talk about your delicious, fun party for years to come. Happy Planning!

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