Amazon Unveiled A New Program To Pay Using Only Your Palm And I’m Both Impressed And Concerned

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Have you ever wished to have everything in the palm of your hand? Well it seems that Amazon is doing just that. Literally.

Amazon has just revealed a new program called Amazon One. This new program will allow your unique palm print to be scanned in order to pay for items. Talk about the future coming to us. We figured it’d be a chip in our wrists, but now it’s a palm scan?!

This is in the process of rolling out into Amazon stores, but I am assuming that if it goes well, we will probably start seeing this everywhere. You will be able to simply wave you hand over a sensor and it will scan your palm print and charge a stored credit or debit card on your account. That’s it! It sounds waaaay too easy to me.


This is going to be starting out in two different locations within Seattle, with the plan to extend them out to San Francisco, New York, and Chicago stores. The assumption is that this is rolling out during the pandemic to aid the support of keeping things contactless.


Depending on whether this is a patented for Amazon and how long this pandemic is going to unfold, I can see this becoming a nationwide solution for contactless payments. This includes tickets for movies or sporting events as well. The options for the use of this device would truly be endless.


This idea is both amazing me and concerning me. It’s not a chip being inserted in my arm or anything, so that’s a plus. And my arm is attached to me so it would be difficult to steal…unless someone chops it off. (Arm chopping crime rate could go up!)


But at the same time, it still makes me a bit weary. I feel like mistakes could easily be made. And how accurate will this actually be? Will I be aiding someone else’s Amazon binge shopping trip? I don’t know. There’s a lot of concerns, as with most new things.


What are your thoughts? I would love to hear more opinions on this new, very futuristic feeling form of payment that will be rolling out. Maybe it’ll make me feel better…or worse.


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