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Amazon Just Launched Amazon Pharmacy So You Can Have Prescriptions Delivered To Your Door

Amazon really is taking over, aren’t they? As IF we didn’t order enough from them already, they just went and launched something else we need in our life… prescription delivery.

Amazon Just Launched Amazon Pharmacy So You Can Have Prescriptions Delivered To Your Door!


Amazon Pharmacy is a new service offering home delivery for prescription medication.

You can sign up to the new store by creating a ”secure pharmacy profile,” with the option of adding information about your health insurance, any outstanding medical issues like allergies, and any regular prescriptions.

According to CNBC, The Amazon Pharmacy store will offer a range of “generic and brand-name drugs,” , including “commonly prescribed drugs like insulin, triamcinolone steroid creams, metformin for controlling blood sugar, and sumatriptan for migraines.”

It is important to note that the pharmacy will not sell Schedule II medications, which includes many common opioids like Oxycontin.

But get this – you can use their service even IF you don’t have any insurance! Awesome, right?!

As usual for Amazon, Prime members will get a number of advantages over regular customers. These perks include free, two-day delivery on orders and discounts on medication.

Plus, Amazon claims Prime members will be able to save “up to 80 percent off generic and 40 percent off brand name medications when paying without insurance.”

Amazon Pharmacy will be available in 45 states this week.

However, States currently not covered include; Hawaii, Illinois, Kentucky, Louisiana and Minnesota, though Amazon plans to expand to those areas in the future.

Amazon says it accepts “most” insurance plans, and will give customers the option of speaking to a pharmacist for advice.


So, what do you think? Do you like this idea? I find it great especially for those that have a hard time leaving their house especially during the pandemic right now.

You can sign-up for Amazon Pharmacy Here.