There’s An App That Analyzes Your LEGO Pieces And Tells You Exactly What To Build

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This is too cool…

You know all those random LEGO pieces you have floating around the house?

If your kids are anything like mine, you can’t come up with one complete building kit amongst all the loose LEGO bricks.

There’s just a jumble of 9,860 LEGO pieces in about fifty eleven random places.

Including hiding on the stairs for your feet to find at 2am in the dark. OUCH!!

Well, now there is an app that will tell you what, exactly, you can build with the pieces you have.

Sure, your kid can make random houses, cars, and other things with the LEGO bricks hidden amongst their toys.

But, this app will actually give you something specific to build with those stray LEGO pieces.

The app is called Brickit, and it’s going to be your kids’ new best friend.

How Do You Use Brickit?

It’s simple — so simple, your kids can totally do it.

You just gather a couple handfuls of those random LEGO bricks, and spread them out on the floor.

Now, you take a picture of those pieces.

Not one-by-one. Just lay them out in a flat layer, point, and shoot a photo of the entire group.

Brickit will analyze the picture, use some sort of wizardry magic to determine what LEGO pieces you have, and tell you exactly what you can build from those LEGO bricks.

Y’all, it will even give you step-by-step directions on how to build that masterpiece!

It doesn’t just give you one idea to build. No, that wouldn’t be nearly cool enough.

Brickit will give you a range of projects to complete — different difficulties and themes for you to choose.

The app isn’t perfect, so give it a bit of grace.

Maybe staying away from obscure bricks, and sticking with the standard LEGO pieces will help.

If you try this app, come back and let us know what you think.

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