This Floating Banana Pool Float Is So A-Peeling, I Want One

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I’m always down for finding different, unusual, and quirky pool floats. This one is totally a-peeling. LOL! Get it? It’s a banana pool float. *Dad Jokes*

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This is the perfect shape for just lounging in the sun, soaking up that vitamin D, and getting a bit of a tan — or in MY case, a burn.

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But, you know what is fun about this Banana Float? You can ride on it like a rocking horse — kind of like the Unicorn Float or the Mechanical Bull Float. Just grab on to the two big handles, and start rocking back and forth. You didn’t know you could ride a rocking float in a pool, did you?!?

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Huge over-sized inflatable banana ride-on float enjoyed by kids and adults alike for a great pool experience. Use as a lounger or for just any fun pool activities. Made of durable heavy duty PVC and measures 59 inches long

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Y’all. This Banana is only $17 on the Amazon website! SEVENTEEN BUCKS! You cannot beat that price for a fun pool inflatable.


You could ALMOST dig around on your car floorboards, front-room couch, or washing machine, and come up with the change needed to buy this big yellow floating banana! Prove me wrong. Ha!

I bought the Greenco Giant Inflatable Ride-On Banana Float as a birthday gift for a 40 something girlfriend. The crowd at her house party found it hilarious to watch her use it in the pool. It provided great fun and it was surely a one of a kind gift that no one else would duplicate. The banana really is giant and it’s very study. Kids and adults can have fun with it. I included a hand pump (the bicycle type) with the gift and I’m glad that I did because it would have been nearly impossible to inflate the banana by mouth. I think it will provide laughs and smiles for years to come.

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Get your OWN super fun Banana Float right on the Amazon website.

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