Walmart Is Selling An Inflatable Bull For Your Pool And I’m Ready To Hold On Tight

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I’m all about some UNIQUE Pool Floats. We have already showed you this Inflatable Speed Boat, this UFO Pool Lounger, and this ICEE Inflatable Cooler.

Courtesy of ICEE

Now, you HAVE to check out the SUPER unique float we found right on the Walmart website.

Are you ready for this?? It’s a Vinyl Inflatabull PBR Rodeo Bull Pool Float, and I. NEED. ONE!

Courtesy of Walmart

It looks easy, but can YOU conquer the bull? Just hop on, and find out the fury of this fun inflatable bull.


It features an outer ring that gives the entire thing stability. Then there is the rodeo bull in the middle that just refuses to behave. He’s there to make sure you have a fun off-balance experience.


Designed to look like a mechanical bull ride, this float will provide hours of fun, friendly competition between you, your friends and your family.


There are five heavy duty handles around the side of the outer ring. These are in place to help you hold on with a secure grip.


It is designed with durable 18 gauge vinyl, and stands on the water about 32 inches high and whopping 77 inches wide. This is not a little kiddie inflatable!


You can get your own Intex Vinyl Inflatabull PBR Rodeo Bull Pool Float on the Walmart website. It is on sale of $84, and is sure to bring you all kinds of summer pool-party fun!

Courtesy of Walmart

Want even MORE fun in the water? You have GOT to check out this Floating Volleyball Game. It comes complete with an inflatable volleyball, so you are ready for gameplay!

Courtesy of Pottery Barn

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