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People Are Freaking Out Over How Adorable These “Better Together” Hallmark Ornaments Are

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You can never have too many Christmas ornaments to hang on the tree, am I right?!?

Whether they are cute Starbucks Frappuccino ornaments, beautiful handmade ornaments, or even the gold standard for ornaments — Hallmark, or course — just give me ALL the Christmas ornaments, and I’ll be happy as a snowman on a winter’s day.

Courtesy of @Home-Fashion-Store

You have to see what I found during my last Walmart run.

I wasn’t there for ornaments, per se, but they just happened to end up jumping in my shopping cart. Funny how that happens!!

They are from Hallmark, and they are called Better Together ornaments.

You get two ornaments with each set, and they are things that simply go together.

Think Tacos and Hot Sauce, or French Fries and Hamburgers, or Maple Syrup and Pancakes.

OMG! They are too stinkin’ cute!!

They are less than 10 bucks for a set, and they just may be the most adorable ornaments on your tree this year!

Check these out, and grab a few before they are gone.

Better Together Christmas Ornaments

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