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Betty Crocker’s New Cookie Mix Lets You Bake Any Amount of Cookies Without Having to Make an Entire Batch

Christmas is the season of baking as many cookies as we can eat.

And if you’ve ever found yourself craving a few chocolate chip cookies in the middle of the night, but didn’t want to make an entire batch, you’re not the first.

Thanks to Betty Crocker, you can now settle your sweet tooth with their new cookie mix that lets you bake however many cookies as you please, without having to make an entire batch.

What’s dubbed the “Betty Crocker Batchables Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix”, this new cookie mix packages a chocolate chip cookie mix that can bake up to 24 cookies.

Courtesy of Betty Crocker

And the best part is that this cookie mix only requires milk or water to quickly whip up a chocolate chip cookie dough mixture that you can toss in the oven on a whim.

Did I also mention that Betty Crocker has also introduced a Batchables Brownie Mix?

Courtesy of Betty Crocker

That’s right, baking brownies has never been so convenient.

So whether you’re hungry for a late night snack or looking to bake a large batch for a family of ten, Betty Crocker’s new cookie and brownie mix lets you bake the exact number of treats you need in the moment.

Courtesy of Betty Crocker

You can find Betty Crocker’s new Batchables cookie and brownie mixes currently stocked in Walmart stores.

Courtesy of Betty Crocker