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Here’s Where To Donate Your Extra Halloween Candy

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My son went to a total of 4 Trunk or Treats this year, and he got a ridiculous amount of candy.

Like, it’s literally more than he’d eat in a year — even if I let him eat everything he wanted.

I also bought so much stinkin’ candy for all the Trick or Treaters that were going to come to my door. We had exactly one Trick or Treater. *Eye Roll Emoji*

There is no way we are going to keep all that candy around the house. If it’s here, I’ll eat it, right?!?

I don’t, however, want to just throw it away. Someone — including me — paid a lot of money for that candy!

But, what do we do with all that excess candy?

Where To Donate Your Extra Halloween Candy

Local Schools — Check with local schools in your area. Some of them have “Snack Carts” where students can purchase treats throughout the year.

This money is then used by the school for student activities — like through PTA organizations.

Teachers also sometimes like to give out candy as incentives for their students. We all know that teachers shouldn’t be spending their own money on candy. They’d love the free donations!

Local Soup Kitchens — These organizations hand out a hot meal to people in need, usually daily. They can use the candy as a sort of dessert to go along with the meals.

Local Food Pantries — People can go to food pantries to get much needed staples for their kitchen. It would be a treat for parents to get candy for their kids.

Operation Shoebox — This nonprofit agency sends candy inside of every care package they send to deployed troops around the world. 

You can send your excess candy in a gallon sized ziplock bag that you place inside a cardboard box to:

Operation Shoebox, 8360 East Highway 25, Belleview, FL 34420.

Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC) — This organization provides free housing for families in need while their child receives treatment in a hospital.

The national organization doesn’t take candy donations, but many of the local Ronald McDonald Houses will accept candy to give to families while they are staying there.

Small Food Donation Houses — Like those ‘Free Book’ little libraries, some communities have ‘Free Food’ little houses. You can leave non-perishable food items inside of them for people in need.

I’m sure they would be more than happy to receive candy.

Side note: If it’s hot, be careful leaving chocolate. It will, obviously, melt.

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