This Body Lotion Is Being Accused of Attracting Giant Spiders and The Internet Is In A Frezy

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Y’all, I am not okay – spiders and I are not friends.

So, when I heard the latest viral product was attracting GIANT SPIDERS I just knew I’d immediately stay away forever.

Yup – rumors have spread like wildfire that a new body lotion sold at Sephora is attracting wolf spiders and it has caused the product go viral.

Truthfully, the internet is in a frenzy over it.

The good news is – the company denies this is actually happening. However, if you’re an arachnophobe like I am, you probably aren’t taking any chances…

What is the body butter accused of attracting spiders?

The body butter accused of attracting spiders is the Sol de Janeiro Mini Delícia Drench™ Body Butter for Intense Moisture and Skin Barrier Repair.

This all started when someone left a 1 star review saying:

“If you’re scared of wolf spiders—watch out for these lotions lol. I wanted to love them sooo bad, but one of the ingredients is like! When I put it on instantly one will come out. Normally I’ll see one every like 3 years, used this and it was every day. I stopped using it and haven’t seen one since…Oh and one time, the spider wanted to eat whatever ingredient it is so bad that it chased me. I swear on everything. I’d run left, it ran left, I ran right, it ran right. Like it was legit following the scent. And no, the scent isn’t that good, nothing a $5 vanilla cream can’t match. So yeah, do be careful if you’re frightened of spiders, especially the big wolf ones.”

Sephora initial review

Does the body butter actually attract spiders?

Well, that answer is complicated. While the company has made a statement denying their body butter attracts spiders, others have left reviews confirming the initial review of this claim. Of course, it’s hard to know if people are being serious or just be internet trolls.

The other reviews are quick to defend the company saying the body butter smells amazing and DOES NOT attract spiders.

Some reviews are even funny playing into the rumors…

The company posted an Instagram story saying the product does not contain any ingredients that would attract spiders:

“While they may attract a lot of attention from people, they won’t from arachnids (even though we love all creatures at Sol de Janeiro)”


So, although the company says it doesn’t, I think the only way to truly ever know if it does, is if you are brave enough to purchase it and see.

I am NOT so you all can take one for the team this time and let us know!

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