Brian Laundrie’s Notebook Has Officially Been Released to The Public. Here’s What It Said.

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Brian Laundrie is a name many won’t forget simply because he is the evil person behind the murder of Gabby Petito.

When news broke that Gabby Petito was missing, many knew right from the start it was Brian that had something to do with it.


While it has been a long time since that was confirmed, we are just barely finding out additional details on exactly what happened and WHY, just why Brian did what he did.


As of today, Brian Laundrie’s notebook has been released to the public and it not only confesses to him killing Gabby, it explains why he thought it was necessary…

Fox News

The notebook was the same one found alongside Brian’s remains and other belongings when they found his body.

It contains an 8-page confession, which was first obtained by Fox News.

Fox News

In the confession, Brian Laundrie admits killing Gabby Petito but claims he only did it after Gabby sustained an injury while they were hiking in Wyoming.

Fox News

“I ended her life,”
“I thought it was merciful, that it is what she wanted, but I see now all the mistakes I made. I panicked. I was in shock.”

Um, what? So, someone can be injured and then you just take it upon yourself to end their life? WTF.

Fox News

He then continues on and says:

“Please do not make life harder for my family,” the notebook states, “They lost a son and a daughter. The most wonderful girl in the world. Gabby I’m sorry.”

Fox News

This is so sad and shouldn’t have ended this way. If Gabby really was hurt, he could have taken her to a doctor or hospital, not kill her. JESUS.

Fox News

The confession finishes with him saying:

I have killed myself by this creek in hopes that animals may tear me apart. That it may make some of her family happy. Please pick up all of my things. Gabby hated people who litter.

Fox News

RIP Gabby.

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