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You Probably Missed The Major Season 2 Spoiler in the Finale of ‘Bridgerton’ and Don’t Worry, I Did Too

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If you haven’t watch Bridgerton on Netflix yet, we can’t be friends.

Kidding! But seriously, you need to watch it.

Now, if you haven’t seen it yet, click away NOW but if you have, keep reading because you likely Missed the Major Season 2 Spoiler in the Finale of ‘Bridgerton’!

So, in the series finale at the 1:09:16 mark, you see the camera pan out to the window where there is a bumblebee and as it turns out, this is a hidden hint at Season 2 (which they have yet to announce).

Now, you might be wondering what the heck this even means especially if you haven’t read the books.

Well, the bee is in Julia Quinn’s second book, The Viscount Who Loved Me, where Anthony becomes Viscount Bridgerton when his dad dies suddenly from a bee sting.

Throughout the rest of the novel, bees become an important part of the story as Anthony’s love interest, Kate Sheffield, gets stung by one later on in the book.

So, if Netflix follows the books (like they did in Season 1) we can expect to see that storyline come to life in Season 2 along with more little bees.

So, did you catch that tiny clue or signal to Season 2?

Again, they haven’t officially announced a Season 2 but it was so good, how could they not?

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