Butterfinger May Be Releasing Peanut Butter That Tastes Exactly Like The Candy Bar And I’m Pumped

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So, Butterfinger did a thing yesterday, and that was to tease their almost 64 thousand fans on Instagram about a new product that might be coming to store shelves.

Courtesy of Butterfinger

Posted via social media, was a picture and a very indecisive caption to go along with the mouth watering picture release.


Here’s hoping that the information Butterfinger released is real sometime in the future.


The picture was originally posted in celebration of National Peanut Butter Day and to celebrate the “national holiday”, Butterfinger released this to the public.


Introducing, “Crispety Crunchety Peanut Butter”, a jar of peanut butter that tastes exactly like the classic candy bar.


The famous candy stated this on Instagram and I quote,

“We just had the best idea for #NationalPeanutButterDay. Just kidding . . . Unless?”


Butterfinger, you better not be playing with our emotions considering you can’t just release a potential drool worthy product and not tell us if the new line of peanut butter is real or fake.


We’ll be waiting Butterfinger.


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