You Can Get a Chapstick Holder For Your Car So You Never Have To Worry About Losing Your Lip Balm Again

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There are two things I constantly lose.

Hair ties and my miniature Vaseline lip balm, for whatever reason, I can buy these two items in bulk and I will eventually lose all of them in a short spam of time!

And I know I’m not the only person that has this problem, it seems like half of the U.S. are also losing the little things like our hairbands or chapstick on repeat!

So if you’re like me who can never find chapstick when you need it, there’s finally a solution!

Courtesy of Amazon

Thanks to the holy grail that Amazon is, you can now get your very own chapstick holder for your car.

Think of the dipping sauce tray for your car that went viral a few years back, well this is the same thing but rather for your chapstick!

Courtesy of Amazon

So whenever you lose your lipgloss or chapstick in the house (because we all know that day is coming), you can now have a backup in the car that should never get lost!

Prepare for this chapstick holder to become your new best friend.

Courtesy of Amazon

What’s been dubbed the “Car Chap”, cute right?, this lip balm holder is a small cylinder that holds your chapstick in place and can stick to any flat interior surface of your car!

Application is also super simple too.

Courtesy of Amazon

All you need to do is peel off the sticky tape on the side of the Car Chap, stick, and hold!

You can snag the Car Chap currently online at Amazon for less than ten bucks right now!

Courtesy of Amazon

And if you’re looking to get a friend or family member one too, they’re also sold in two packs for less than $20 which you can also find by clicking here!

Courtesy of Amazon

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