You Can Get A Faux Central Perk Succulent For The Person Who Loves ‘Friends’

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Here’s a quirky fun fact about myself, I used to collect mugs. I don’t collect them anymore, but I used to buy a mug at every store I visited!

It could be because I drink a lot of coffee and tea during the day and I wanted a fancy mug to drink out of.

Regardless of the reason, my used-to-be habit may have just sparked again after seeing this Friends mug, except you can’t exactly drink out of this one.

Courtesy of BOXLUNCH

This type of mug is made for succulents and for succulents only. The design is taken from the show Friends and holds a faux succulent with fake gravel for decoration.

It’s a regular sized mug that will make for a great representation to show your love for the show if you’re a fan.

Approximately 8″ by 5″ inches, this mug displays ‘Central Perk” in the middle of the cup, which is the name of the coffee shop the cast visits many times throughout seasons.

Courtesy of BOXLUNCH

You can purchase the decorative mug for 14 dollars, which is about two tall coffees at Starbucks. However this time around, you’re also receiving a faux succulent with your order!

Courtesy of BOXLUNCH

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