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The ‘Children Of The Corn’ Reboot Is Now Streaming And It’s Wicked Scary

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Well, this is scary …

All you horror buffs are gonna love it!!

Did you catch the new Children of the Corn reboot when it was in theaters?

Well, good news! You can now watch it streaming on AMC+.

Possessed by a spirit in a dying cornfield, a twelve-year-old girl in Nebraska recruits the other children in her small town to go on a bloody rampage and kill all the adults and anyone else who opposes her.


Of course, it is a paid service — much like all the other streaming networks out there — but you can get a 7-day free trial!!

Now, I didn’t catch the OG Children of the Corn — because I cherish my sleep at night.

With all the adults jailed or dead, it comes down to one high schooler who won’t go along with the plan and becomes the town’s only hope of survival.


So, I’m going to be really honest here. I probably won’t see this one either. Just the trailer is freaking me out.

But, it is getting pretty good reviews — much better than previous installments of COC reboots.

It could be a little bigger, a bit bolder, but this Children of the Corn is a marked improvement in quality from a number of the entries that came before.

Rotten Tomatoes Review

It is definitely worth a watch if you like all things ghoulish and creepy.

Curious? You can catch the trailer below. Don’t watch it with the lights out.

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