Daughter Caught Ghost in Her Dad’s Room on Video, People are Losing Their Minds

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If there is one supernatural thing that creeps the hell out of me it’s ghosts.

Yup, I’ve had my own run in with ghosts before and I can say they are very real.

Whether or not you believe in them, watching chilling video footage of what appears to be a ghost is enough to keep you from sleeping at night.

And get ready to sleep with the lights on tonight (or with your eyes open) because this Daughter Caught Ghost in Her Dad’s Room on Video and People are Losing Their Minds!

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A daughter decided to set up a camera in her dad’s room after her dad had mentioned someone or something was messing with his bed sheets while he slept at night.

The daughter ended up catching more than she expected on camera and ended up posting the video online.

This morning she posted on Twitter saying:


I guess she didn’t expect the creepy video to go viral like it did…

But like, how could it not?

It’s a freaking ghost.

Pay close attention to the 4 second mark…


And in case you missed it, it’s on a loop.

Aw, did you see it?! Something clearly pulls the sheets from the bottom right corner.

I watched it a few times because I couldn’t tell where the dad’s legs were but his head is towards the top left corner of the video.

Considering this camera is probably angled, it would mean his feet were towards the middle or left side of the screen.


Also, that dad should move out ASAP.

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