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11 Uses For Christmas Ornaments That Don’t Involve Hanging Them On A Tree

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This is definitely the time to bust out all of our Christmas decorations — including all of those beautiful Christmas balls!!

We seem to collect more Christmas balls than we fit on the tree, and they usually just end up going in the storage box to try again next year.

BUT, now we just may use up all our Christmas balls, because here are 11 things to do with the Christmas ornaments that don’t involve hanging them on a tree.

11 Uses For Christmas Ornaments Besides Hanging Them On A Tree

Decorative Glass Bowl Full Of Christmas Ornaments.

Turn Them Into Fun Characters.

Add Some Zing To A Christmas Wreath.

Set Them Next To Some Candles For A Pretty Decoration.

Hang Ornaments From The Ceiling, Or From A Window For Some Extra Christmas Cheer.

Use Ornaments To Decorate A Mantle Or A Window Ledge.

Use Ornaments To Make A Pretty Centerpiece For A Table.

Use Small Christmas Ornaments, Write People’s Names On Them, And Attach Them To A Gift As The Name Tag.

Hang Ornaments From Fairy Lights For An Ethereal Decoration.

Write The Numbers 1 through 24 On The Ornaments, And Use Them As A Christmas Countdown. Take One Away Every Day Until Christmas.

Decorate A Doorway With 800 Ornaments!

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What other uses can you think of for those beautiful glass Christmas balls?

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