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Chili’s Is Selling Margaritas To-Go By The Gallon And I Am On My Way

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One thing that I ALWAYS order from Chili’s is a margarita! They always have great drinks at fair prices and I totally love a good margarita!

I can totally make a margarita at home, but eh… it never tastes the same. But, buying margaritas from Chili’s by the gallon? Yea, that is totally a fabulous plan for me!

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Chili’s celebrates its birthday on March 13th and they love to celebrate it with tequila! Sounds like my kind of celebration!

Right now that means margaritas by the gallon bag to-go! I can not say if your local Chilis location will have this available, so you will need to check with them.


Just pick one up, take it up, and fill up your own salt-rimmed glasses as many times as you like! I mean, you’re at home right? No limits y’all!


So the reason I brought up that it was Chili’s birthday celebration is that the price of the one-gallon margaritas to go is reduced! Sounds like the perfect reason to have a party right?

Right now you can pick your 1-gallon Mar-Go-Rita up for only $30! They will be $40 per bag in the future.

Party safe, and party hard all from home! Visit Chilis.com to order!


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