Amazon is Selling Chips Made From Crickets and I Don’t Want to Chirp About It

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You can just file this in the NOPE category for me.

Amazon is selling chips made from crickets… Yes, these chips — called CHIRPS — are made from crickets. Well, cricket flour to be precise.

Via Amazon

I accidentally ate ants once, thanks to a lovely Black Ant Salt Margarita. You can’t trick me into eating anymore bugs again, ever.

If you are more — shall we say, adventurous — than I am, these Chirps might be right up your alley. You aren’t actually eating a whole cricket, but crickets pulverized into a fine (more dense) flour.

SUSTAINABLE: Chirps are SUSTAINABLE: Chirps are the first-ever chip made with cricket flour. Crickets require very little resources and are super efficient making cricket flour one of the most sustainable protein sources available! Support the Earth and try some Chirps today!


They are supposed to be a super-healthy alternative to the normal corn-type chip.

They pack a whopping 5 grams of protein per serving. Chirps would be a great alternative for those watching their protein intake. I am not one of those people.

These Chirps come in three flavors: Cheddar, BBQ, and Sriracha. You get to CHOOSE which flavor of crickets you eat.

If you are brave enough, you can get these Chirps straight off of Amazon .

These Doritos Ultimate Cheddar Chips are more my speed. Check them out!

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