You Can Get A Clear Puzzle That Looks Like Broken Glass and Good Luck Putting It Together

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By now you have probably rewatched all of your favorite movies, played every board game in your home, and completed every puzzle. You’ve baked bread until you have run out of yeast and flour.

Image credits yelldesign

Cue this impossible puzzle, it is the time!

Image credits yelldesign

This puzzle is called ‘The Accident’. It looks like broken glass! It’s a completely clear jigsaw puzzle made by YellDesign. It has 215 pieces that are unique and were designed by hand.

Image credits yelldesign

Just looking this gives me a little bit of anxiety! Holy cow, but if you are looking to be challenged, this is it!

It is made from 3mm cast acrylic which gives it the appearance of glass. The finished puzzle measures 585mm x 555mm.

Image credits yelldesign

The puzzle has both large chunks and tiny pieces. Some parts will be easy, and some will be really hard. This is a true challenge for even the best puzzle masters!

You can get your own ‘The Accident’ clear jigsaw puzzle from yelldesign for $64.95.

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