Clever Ways to Reuse Newspaper

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I’m jazzed about the electronic age, really I am, but an awesome sit-down on a Sunday morning with a newspaper and a wonderful, homemade breakfast is a nice change from all the screens. I love it. But then what? I have this paper that then I feel bad has only lived one life in my house–so I researched and found these Clever Ways to Reuse Newspaper.

Reuse Newspaper

  • Shoe Shapes — If you’ve got a pair of shoes that you’d like to keep in-shape, just stuff newspaper inside while you’re storing them. This will prevent creases in the leather or that pesky droop. If you have a pair of boots, this is a fabulous way to keep them from flopping over. 
  • Clean Windows — I hate a streaky window or mirror. Instead of using a cloth, I’ve started using newspaper! It leaves a streak free shine on windows and mirrors. Normal window cleaner in circular motions get me the best results.
  • Soak Up Liquids — I like to soak up those icky trash bag liquids by putting a few pieces of crumpled-up newspaper in the bottom of the bag before adding any garbage. No more sloshy messes at the bottom of the bag that can spill if it rips! Also, when my shoes are wet, I stuff newspaper inside of them overnight. It soaks-up most of the wetness–all of it if I remember to place them near an air vent.  And sometimes, I even soak-up spills with newspaper instead of paper towels.

Reuse Newspaper Pin

  • Protect Windows While Painting — Rather than purchasing expensive concoctions to paint on and peel off of my windows when I paint, I use some newspaper. This is such a cool trick! I just hold a newspaper up on the window, and spray it with a spray bottle so that it is damp. It secures itself to the window after its wet, and stays there for a while. If some gets stuck on the window, I just wet it down again and it comes right off.
  • Bubble Wrap — When need to mail a package that might be breakable, I use crumpled-up newspaper as bubble wrap–its just as safe. Be sure to surround the item on all sides, making a ‘bed’ for it and filling in all empty spaces tightly with crumpled newspaper.
  • Garden — I like to garden (or think about gardening at least sometimes it just doesn’t come together)…and newspaper can be added to compost piles. It breaks down easily, and is an awesome fertilizer for plants. I’ve also prevented weeds from popping-up in flower beds by layering newspaper down before planting. To do this, you just cut a hole in each spot where a plant will be, plant everything, and then cover-up everything with a thin layer of dirt or mulch. The newspaper will prevent the weeds from popping through, and will break down over the year to fertilize those plants! But, I’ve been told to be careful with using just any newspaper in the garden–apparently it’s important to ways use newspaper that doesn’t have colored ink on it as the colored inks may seep into the soil.

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