33 3 Ingredient Breakfasts!

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There’s not another meal I love more than breakfast. If every meal were breakfast, I’d eat it 3 times a day. Silly, huh? But that’s why I thought it important to put together a list of 33 3 Ingredient Breakfasts!

three ingredient breakfast ideas

I love a good freeze-ahead breakfast for the weekday, but on the weekend, I like a good fresh-baked yummy. Sometimes I need an Amazing Pancake, but sometimes, I just want something quick and easy to make–with my Fancy 2-Ingredient Coffee, that is…Now, now, no need for applause, let’s just get on with the breakfast, please.

33 3 Ingredient Breakfasts

  • Hehe…Breakfast Cookies…yes, cookies.
  • Cheese Danish, ok, so there’s not 3 ingredients in this recipe, but you can leave-out the sugar and vanilla–they’re not really necessary, though they do fancy-it-up a bit…
  • If you have more time, I recommend Banana Cinnamon Pancakes with tons of yummy!
  • Or, for the fancier-breakfast-party, you can do these Crepes.
  • Every time I make Cream Cheese Fruit Danishes, I wish I’d made a double batch so I could eat them all again.

33 three ingredient breakfast ideas

  • I’m always up for Banana Bread!
  • Drink up, strawberry lovers! This Strawberry Pineapple Smoothie recipe is strawberry-licious!
  • Wanna dress up store-bought cinnamon rolls? Try this Cinnamon Roll recipe.
  • They’re so good, I’d like to vote for Sausage Balls in the next Presidential election…

3 ingredient breakfasts

  • One can never have too many Scones in her life.
  • I wanna have these Apple Fritters for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • Into Mexican food for breakfast? Try these Churros.

Now, let’s eat!

33 3 ingredient breakfast ideas

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