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This Girl Took Her Senior Pictures With An Alligator

When it came time to take my senior pictures, I put on my favorite dress and headed down to the local portrait studio.

But not Makenzie Noland. Oh no. This girl decided to full on jump in a mud pit with a freakin prehistoric looking creature.

Senior Pictures With An Alligator

When asked about it, she said it took the whole summer to gain the trust of “Big Tex” the biggest gator at the Gator Country, a wildlife rescue in Beaumont, Texas.

Senior Pictures with an alligator

I don’t know, it looks like she’s sizing her up for a meal to me.

aggie ring sitting on an alligator


Gator Country is a sanctuary for reptiles, according to its website.

“I worked with this alligator every day,” said Makenzie, “and I figured, ‘Why not wear a dress this time and celebrate my graduation with this incredible animal?’”

I mean I guess it’s better than the time she kissed him.

girl kisses alligator

Or you know, played with a live rattlesnake.

girl playing with a rattlesnake

Gives a whole new meaning to Gig ’em, don’t you think?

Pictures courtesy of her Facebook page.

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