This Cooling Pet Mat Helps Absorb Heat to Keep Your Dog Cool

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It’s hot out and if you have a dog, you know that you feel so bad they have layers of fur that just adds to their body heat.

I have a Siberian husky mix and her and heat just don’t mix well at all (she is very fluffy).

With that being said, if you want an easy way to keep your pet cool this summer, grab this cooling pet mat.

It works to absorb body heat from your dog keeping them cool all day long!

This is the Rywell Self-Cooling Mat for Dogs and it has Endothermic Color Changing Arc-Chill Cooling Fiber.

You can actually see the heat being absorbed as the mat changes color from blue to white!

Featuring Arc-Chill natural cooling fabric from Japan, this mat effectively lowers the temperature by 3-5°C (5-9°F), helping to prevent overheating and dehydration.

Perfect for hot days at the beach or in the backyard, simply place it on your pet’s favorite spot and let them enjoy the cooling sensation.

It comes in several sizes so you can get the size that matches your dog perfectly.

It’s easy to roll up for storage and it’s machine washable making it easy to clean.

You can grab your Rywell Self-Cooling Mat for Dogs on Amazon here. Use code GATDAJPJ for an extra 5% off. Code expires 12/23/23.

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