You Can Crochet a Jesus Doll For Easter

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I can not believe that we are already coming up on Easter!

In case you didn’t know, Easter is at the end of March this year!

And if you are religious, we’ve found the perfect Amigurumi crochet pattern to occupy those crafty hands for a bit.

Image Credit: CraftyTibbles

The resurrection of Jesus Christ is truly represented in a unique way with this Amigurumi crochet pattern.

Each color used can hold significant meaning to the maker as well.

Image Credit: CraftyTibbles

This doll, once crocheted, would be a perfect gift for your faithful friends and family.

You may be able to even find a finished crocheted Jesus doll to purchase online if you don’t know how to crochet.

Image Credit: CraftyTibbles

The Amigurumi crochet pattern for the Jesus doll will create a doll that is about 8 inches tall. You do need to have basic to intermediate crochet skills for this pattern.

It’s written using US terms and even comes with links to tutorials to help you produce certain stitches that are needed.

The reviews for the pattern are fantastic and some crafty people posted their own versions!

Image Credit: Etsy Customer Review Amy Greene

They even have an Amigurumi crochet pattern to make Jesus his own little skateboard, which I think the kids would think was fun.

You can buy the Jesus crochet pattern from CraftyTibbles on Etsy!

Image Credit: CraftyTibbles

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