Dairy Queen Has A New Piñata Party Blizzard That Has Surprise Candy Pieces In The Center

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Dairy Queen has always had phenomenal Blizzards. Thick, yet creamy, ice cream with the most amazing flavors? Um, yes please!

And the fact that they come out with limited edition versions that are always top notch has me always ready to see what’s next! And man, they did not disappoint this time around!

Dairy Queen

Introducing the new Piñata Party Blizzard, which looks as amazing as it tastes! Dairy Queen is coming out with this new and exciting Blizzard to celebrate their 80th birthday! Happy Birthday to them and what a treat for us!


The Piñata Party Blizzard is a pink color and consists of a blend of Dairy Queen’s vanilla soft-serve ice cream, cake pieces, cake batter pieces, and icing. It is topped with a swirl of whipped cream and colorful confetti candy pieces are in the center of the whole drink!


This Blizzard is meant to appear like a real piñata by having a surprise inside. Those pink, blue, and white-speckled stars in the center are actually icing filled! They are crunchy on the outside, but soft on the inside, as described on the YouTube video.

This is my kind of Blizzard!!!


The limited-edition Piñata Party Blizzard isn’t expected to be around for long. This is my only complaint about limited edition products. They get us hooked on them, and then they take them away from us. Why must they do this to us?!?


According to one Dairy Queen location, it will be available from June 18 to 21. Another source said June 22. Another location stated that they have it available now, so it probably depends on where you’re located.

You will for sure want to check and see when your location will have these available so you don’t miss out on this!


Instagram account @lynndqs revealed the first photo of the new Blizzard at the DQ Expo 2020 in New Orleans this month, and we have been excited ever since! This will definitely be worth getting your hands on…especially if they do another huge sale day!


Are you going to rush out to try this new flavor? What has been your favorite limited edition flavor they have done so far? Comment below and let us know!


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