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Drake Bell Has More to Say in The Next ‘Quiet on Set’ Episode

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I’ve always had issues with Hollywood and the kids that suffer. It’s really freaking sad and there seems to be more coming out every day.

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Drake Bell will expose more of the things he went through as a child actor in a new episode of ‘Quiet on Set’.

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They recently announced that they are adding a fifth episode and it will be with Drake and other child stars.

The newest episode is called ‘Breaking the Silence’ and I’m sure it is going to be gut-wrenching. But these are things people need to know.


They say this episode will expose even more of what these poor kids went through at Nickelodeon, so sad.

‘Quiet on Set’ allowed Drake Bell to come out with the truth and expose these sickos. Many ask why they didn’t do this sooner… can you even imagine the mental state and torment? I can’t!

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This had to be on their own terms at their own time. He was sexually assaulted!

Back in 2004 Brian Peck (Nickelodeon dialogue coach) pleaded “no contest” to performing a lewd act, including oral copulation with a minor. That minor was Drake Bell.

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It’s only now that he has opened up to the public that the minor in the case was him.

The show doesn’t just expose Brian Peck, but also that weasel Dan Schneider… dude has always given me the creeps.

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Dan has “apologized” for his behavior, but that’s just not enough. He also denies some of the accusations.

These people had no business working with children… or even being loose in the world in my opinion.

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I mean look at Amanda Bynes! I know she said recently that she didn’t have the same experience as the others… I just find that hard to believe. Maybe one day she can free herself with the truth as well.

The newest episode of ‘Quiet on Set’ will air on Discovery Plus on April 7th.

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