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Drew Carey Is Hosting A ‘Price is Right’ Tribute Show To Bob Barker and We Are So There

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We were all saddened, and a little bit shocked, by the death of Bob Barker just shy of his 100th birthday.

Barker was the host of The Price Is Right for an unprecedented 35 years, and we were all touched by him at one point or another during our lives.

Who remembers summers at Grandma’s house, watching The Price Is Right on the daily?

Or, those times that we stayed home sick, eating our chicken soup and drinking our ginger ale while we watched The Price Is Right?

Those are some core memories that will stay with us a lifetime, and it’s all because of Bob Barker.

He’s really going to be missed.

Now, we all get to celebrate his life and career in the hour-long special, The Price Is Right: A Tribute To Bob Barker.

It’s going to be hosted by Mr. Barker’s successor, Drew Carey, and I can’t wait to watch it.

According to CNN:

The special will feature ‘an array of ‘priceless’ on-camera moments from throughout Barker’s 50-plus year career,’ and showcase his talent as a ‘charming, charismatic and razor-sharp ‘master of ceremonies’ who created special connections with countless contestants.


We will get to see Barker’s very first moments on TV, and his very last.

There will be some of the best archival footage of Price Is Right moments, and it’s quite possible they will spark a memory or two.

This hour-long special is set to air on CBS this Thursday at 8/7c.

Tune in for this sweet tribute and a chance to say goodbye to our favorite game show host.

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