Excited Kid Can’t Wait To Start 4th Grade At New School

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Remember that excited feeling you used to get on that first day of school? The butterflies in your stomach, racing heart, ready to tackle the new year but also just a little nervous that no one will like you? This kid knows that feeling Very well. Kevin is a new forth grader about to start at a new school, and when a reporter starts asking questions about what he’s hoping for and what he thinks the year will be like, Kevin’s got ALL the answers. Not only that, but apparently he has some dish on his mom, too! Take a look!

Seriously, how cute is that kid? I hope fourth grade went well for him! He should be starting fifth grade this year, and from the sounds of it I’m guessing he made a TON of new friends. And hopefully his mom isn’t making him wear full body armor to ride his bike anymore… Good luck in school, Kevin!

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