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How to Block Paint a Ukulele

My daughter had been asking me to buy her a Ukulele for months after she saw this adorable girl playing one on You Tube. I found a very inexpensive Ukulele on eBay and ordered it for her. While I was looking, I saw some for sale that were elaborately decorated! A lightbulb moment happened and I decided to Block Paint the one I bought for her! And here’s how to block paint a ukulele so you can do the same!

Watch this super short video I made that shows you How to Block Paint a Ukulele:

Turn an ordinary Ukulele into something super awesome with this How to Block Paint a Ukulele tutorial!

To get started learning How to Block Paint Your Ukulele, you will need just a few things:

  • A Ukulele
  • Paint
  • Paintbrushes
  • Electrical tape or Painter’s Tape

Here’s how to block paint a ukulele!

1. Start off by taping your Ukulele into sections.

2. Paint each section a different color.

How to Block Paint a Yukulele

3. Remove the tape and let the paint dry.

You are all set! You just made an awesome Ukulele!

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