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This Couple Turned An Old Playhouse Into A Haunted Playhouse For Halloween and It Is Incredible

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I just love unique and creative ideas! This couple definitely gets the cool couple award for making this playhouse into an amazing spooky playhouse for Halloween… and then it went viral!

Anna Tomsu Frazier

I love Halloween and am so excited to share this awesomeness with you! We recently shared the cool DIY Halloween candy slide, and now this amazing creation has to be next on the to-do list right?

Anna Tomsu Frazier

This creepy Halloween playhouse makeover was done by Anna and Adam Frazier from Waukesha, Wisconsin.

They snagged the playhouse for free! I have seen them posted for free as well, I actually wanted to get one to make into a chicken coop!

Anna Tomsu Frazier

So just how do you make this happen? Well, I’m going to tell you what I know from seeing other playhouse makeovers. You need to take the playhouse apart and use spray paint that has been made for painting plastic. Once it has dried you can put it back together.

Anna Tomsu Frazier

They created decor to give it that haunted house vibe! I love the cauldron and the monster style plants in the window planter!

They also added some skull sconces and even a door wreath. They apparently have a fog machine and some eerie lighting in there as well!

Anna Tomsu Frazier

Super cool and now I want to make one! I’m feeling a bit inspired and creative after seeing this! Great job guys!


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