I Can’t Get Enough Of These Two Fat Babies Jiggling On A Powerfit Platform!

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When I was a little girl, sometimes my mom would let me sit on the washing machine while she folded clothes out of the dryer. It. Was. Awesome. I’d sit there jiggling and making noises and having the time of my life. Bonus: she never had to worry about what I was getting into while she did the laundry. These two babies are all of us. Or, at very least, they are me. When these two plop down on a vibrating Powerfit Platform, mom turns it on and as soon as the vibrations hit…the babies do what all of us would do. Only, way WAY cuter. Take a look!

I mean, are those the cutest little giggles you’ve ever heard in your entire life or what? I could watch this for HOURS. I’m pretty sure mom only left them on for a minute, but I’m guessing she’ll have to spend the rest of their toddlerhood trying to keep them off. What cutie pies!

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